Bosch Season 7: A detective or a storyteller?

It is a story about a Los Angeles Police Detective Henry Bosch. It is an American detective fiction television series produced by Amazon Studios. This series has been created by Michael Connelly. Till now 6 seasons have been released having 10 episodes each. 

The 1st season was released on 6th February 2014 and become a hot favorite amongst the viewers in no time. Bosch has got 97% rotten tomato review ratings and it is one of the most-watched TV series on Amazon now. 6th season of the series has been released on 16th April 2020 and in no time renewed for the last and final season 7.

 The producers have announced earlier that the final season of the series will be released around April 2021. However, due to the pandemic situation across the globe, shooting has been stopped for now for the safety of the cast and the crew. Hence it is hard to predict any dates for Season 7 to appear, we have to wait for officialized date announcements from the makers of “Bosch” or Amazon to comment on it.

Bosch Season 7: A detective or a storyteller?

Harry Bosch is a former special army operative who has joined the Los Angeles Police department as a Detective. But the twist is, he has been wrongly accused of a murder of a suspect and he got suspended for the same. During his suspension he has come across many other murder cases with his personality is becoming messy too. No doubt about his classiness, as he wears a hemp bracelet and hears Jazz music while going on solving the crime. And the name “Bosch” signifies that the crime will be solved for sure, so is his reputation.


The main hero of the show is Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch and will remain in season 7 too. Madison Lintz as Maddie Bosch, Harry’s teenage Daughter, with another cast member of the previous seasons with some addition and subtractions as per the upcoming plot will be seen in season 7.  Amazon prime is airing the 5th season now, where Bosch is seen solving the murder mystery of Daisy Clayton. Season 6 will feature a medical physicist murder case where his deadly radioactive material goes missing. 

Bosch is seen as a one-stop-shop for getting cases like these resolved at the end with every possible stone unturned to get absolute clarity to capture the real suspect. As he was shown as an ex-military operative, his intuitions are really great to witness and learn from, in all the series made to date. As writer Michael Connelly follows a lot of Detective novels and hence, he ends every story with a very beautiful ending where the case is solved amazingly well by Detective Bosch. 

So, we can certainly hope that season 7 will also follow the lead of previous seasons with some more tricky unresolved cases where Bosch will apply his whole knowledge to solve these new tricky cases with his jazzy style.

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