Bosch Season 7 – Final Investigation by Detective Harry Bosch


Bosch is an American Police Procedural web television series, launched on Amazon and produced by Eric Overmyer. In this show, Harry Bosch is a police detective of Los Angeles and his fictional character was created by an American author Michael Connelly and he had taken that character from one of the best selling novels The Black Echo. 

This show had gained a lot of popularity from its very first season which was released in 2014 and that’s why the show has reached up to the seventh season and becomes Amazon’s longest-running show.

Release Date 

As the sixth season came on April 17th,2020. So, this is very sure that the seventh season will not come before 2021 as there is no trailer yet. Bosch’s seventh season is in the pre-production stage and its shooting was also closed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, we concluded that Season7 will suppose to be released in April 2021 but we don’t have any particular release date. 

Bosch Season 7 – Final Investigation by Detective Harry Bosch


This will be the final season so all the artists will play their role with great enthusiasm and energy. We don’t have any update about the change of any casting member so the casts are expected to reprise their roles and all our favorite characters will be seen with the full power and perfection in the upcoming season. 

Some characters are Titus Welliver as leading character Harry Bosch, Jamie Hector as Jerry, Jason Gedrick as Raynard, Lance Reddick as Irvin, and many more. And maybe in the ending, you will see all characters of the whole show for a while.

Ending of the last Season

The sixth season of Bosch was released on 16 April 2020 having 10 episodes, the sixth season followed the two novels The Overlook and The Sacred Night. In this season Harry wraps up Daisy’s murder case on paper and takes it with himself always. Liz Clayton makes a tragic choice and Maddie was happy with her post-graduate plans. Jerry meets with Dwight’s widow, Naomi, and makes her feel comfortable. Many more interesting things happened in the sixth season and now its time for a final show in which the whole case will be solved and ended dramatically and amazingly.

So, grab the popcorn and stay connected!


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