Bosses paying £20,000 for celebrities to entertain staff during Zoom Christmas parties

Bosses paying
Bosses paying

The Pandemic has almost put an end to parties! Agree?

And what is to be done if there happens to be some urge for parties at the best time of the year?

Yes, Christmas is almost ready to set in and this is the time of the world to witness some of the biggest parties. But again this Covid has successfully put a halt to everything. 

Thankfully the some of the biggest party hosts thought rejuvenating all the festivities over Zoom calls.

Bosses paying £20,000 for celebrities
Bosses paying £20,000 for celebrities

Stars in the list of the party planners include Graham Norton, James Corden, Katherine Ryan, Paloma Faith, and Rita Ora. The remuneration has reduced to almost half, that is 50% of that pertaining to their real-life appearances and this has made them more affordable. Experts are concluding that firms will have to set back almost up to £20,000 to keep up to their A-List.

Midrange model Kelly Brook will charge around £12,000, also Lindsay Lohan can be booked for Cameo at £294. Award-winning stars Cassidy Janson has been approached for a half-an-hour appearance on Zoom for the Christmas party. Many other top-key personalities have also been invited. Makers are a bit relieved because of the zoom appearances that lowered the hosting charges.

So, guys! 

Makers are ready, show-stoppers are ready and now it’s your turn to make it to the party. Gear up for some of the biggest parties of the year.


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