Boy Kills World Release Date, Casting Members, And Storyline – What We Know

Boy Kills World Release Date, Casting Members, And Storyline - What We Know
Boy Kills World Release Date, Casting Members, And Storyline - What We Know

Sam Raimi, the master of horror and filmmaker of “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” has become an important producer in addition to being a famous director.

Raimi has created a wide range of genre films, including the “Don’t Breathe” trilogy, the alligator thriller “Crawl,” the vampire thriller “30 Days Of Night,” Fede Alvarez’s revival of his original “Evil Dead,” and the 2015 remake of “Poltergeist.”

Raimi is back with another picture that appears to be a mix of action and fantasy, aptly dubbed “Boy Kills World” (via Deadline).

It’s difficult not to be thrilled about this film, with an already fascinating idea, an excellent trio of performers, and a talented director making his feature debut. If you’re as excited about “Boy Kills World” as we are, here’s a helpful guide to everything we know so far about the film, including its cast, release date, and premise.

Release Date

“Boy Kills World” is expected to begin production in South Africa soon, which might imply that the picture will be released in mid to late 2022, or possibly as late as 2023.

The film is presently being shopped around to several studios as a package, therefore there is no distributor and/or funder linked to the picture yet, making it difficult to identify a precise release timeframe.

With Raimi’s history of producing pictures for Sony-owned Screen Gems, “Boy Kills World” may end up there, and given the speed with which Sony generally gets films into production, the release date could be considerably sooner than expected.

Though it appears that this may go to a streamer such as WarnerMedia’s HBO Max or perhaps Netflix, and given the unpredictable nature of when streamers release their films, it will be impossible to anticipate when the picture will ultimately enter theatres.

Casting Members

The cast of “Boy Kills World” has recruited a formidable trio of actors to play the three major parts. Bill Skarsgard, best known as the insane demon clown Pennywise in the “It” films, will play the main character of Boy.

While Skarsgard is most known for his horror performances, he has also starred in action films such as “Deadpool 2,” “Atomic Blonde,” and “John Wick: Chapter 4,” and will have a key part in the highly anticipated action sequel “John Wick: Chapter 4.”

Samara Weaving, who takes on the character of June 27 opposite Skarsgard, also appears in the film.

Weaving has been seen in a variety of films and shows in recent years, including the horror-comedy “Ready Or Not,” the G.I. Joe spin-off “Snake Eyes,” the comedy sequel “Bill & Ted Face The Music,” and the star-studded Hulu drama “Nine Perfect Strangers.”

Finally, Yayan Ruhian will portray Boy’s mentor, a mystery shaman. Ruhian is no stranger to high-octane flicks, having previously appeared in “The Raid: Redemption,” “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” and “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.”


“Boy Kills World” is a high-concept narrative that follows the titular Boy, a deaf-mute with a vivid imagination. Boy flees into the forest after his family is slain, where he is educated by a strange shaman to suppress his lively imagination and become a vicious killing machine.

The film appears to be appealing to those searching for a new violent action film. Moritz Mohr, a German filmmaker, makes his directorial debut with the film after earning accolades for directing many horror-themed short films, including Akumi.

Producer Sam Raimi was apparently quite impressed with Mohr’s very cinematic vision for the project, which should give people interested in the picture confidence.

One of the film’s managers, Simon Swart of Nthibah Pictures, characterized the picture as “a distinct dystopian universe, mixing real-world concerns with a stylized aesthetic that is new, stylish, and distinctive, drawing from the finest of graphic books.”




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