Brandon Edelman sentenced for possessing a weapon and drugs

Brandon Edelman sentenced for possessing a weapon and drugs
Brandon Edelman sentenced for possessing a weapon and drugs


  • The cops chased down Brandon Edelman and arrested him for possessing illegal items.
  • The suspect said that he had some cash and drugs in the stolen vehicle.
  • The court charged him with multiple felonies.
  • On Monday, the court sentenced him to prison for 34 years.

Inside Story

In April 2018, police from South Bend noticed the 33 years old Edelman driving a stolen truck. So they decided to stop and interrogate him. According to the court documents, when they tried to investigate, Edelman drove off at high speed. The cops got their cars and began chasing after the suspect. The entire vehicle pursuit lasted for thirteen minutes.

Later on, the vehicle chase ended when the vehicle was disabled. Edelman admitted his crime and also said that during the vehicle pursuit, the 33 years old had his accomplice. He also admitted that he threw a fourth pound of methamphetamine, a loaded handgun, $20,000 cash outside the vehicle window. Later on, the cops recovered all the items.

After arresting Edelman, the cops checked his criminal history and found out that it wasn’t clean. Previously, the suspect was charged with eight misdemeanor offenses as well as five felonies. Apart front that, the 33 years old was still on probation for his previous crime, which he committed a while ago.

Investigation Report

As of now, the court has accused the South Bend man with numerous charges. On Monday, the court sentenced the 33 years old man for thirty-four years in federal jail on firearm and drug charges.

According to the news channels and websites, Brandon Edelman got charged in June 2018 for being a felon in possession of a firearm, armed drug trafficking, as well as possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute to others. And if we look at the charges and his crimes this year, he was guilty on all three counts in February.

The U.S. Attorney Thomas Kirsch stated that the 33 years old man would be spending 34 years in jail. He said that this should send a strong message to men like him who wish to engage in similar criminal activities will end up in jail.

Final Verdict

Men like Brandon Edelman should not be allowed to roam free anywhere. The court took too long to announce sentences against him so that people like him don’t repeat the same crime in the future.

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