Breaking Bad fans are divided on this terrifying character!!!

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Breaking Bad is an American crime drama TV series. It is created by Vince Gilligan and has a total of five seasons. The series runs around a high-school chemistry teacher turned into a meth kingpin, Walter White (Bryan Cranston). The series will leave you with a lot of brainstorming about the characters. You will be confused about whether to sympathize with a character or not. 

The series begins with a note where the audience will sympathize with Walter as he is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Walter was hiding about his diagnosis from his family, but he was taking the help of one of his students, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) to prepare meth which he could see after he passed away. Of course, this act of him is extremely questionable, but the makers portrayed his character this way that viewers still felt something for him even after his outrageous acts.

For Paul as Jesse, viewers developed an image of an irresponsible kid who has anger issues, basically a character full of flaws. On the other hand, viewers had a sensitive corner for morally doubtful characters like the criminal lawyer Saul Goodman, played by Bob Odenkirk, and fixer Mike Ehrmantraut which is depicted by actor Jonathan Banks. 

But there is one character in the fifth and final season of Breaking Bad who is simply disliked by the viewers due to his terrifying intentions, and that character is Todd Alquist portrayed by Jesse Plemons. 

Why fans are divided when it’s about Todd?

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Todd’s character is complicated because of his double-faced behavior and the question of whether it is real or not. On one side he is sweet and respects Walter’s and Jesse’s business, but on the other side he is evil, and he has killed a 12-year old kid, and also killed Jesse’s girlfriend Andrea when he captivated Jesse. 

Some reviews say that Todd’s character is complete fiction, and there can be no one like him off the television. A contrasting review says that Todd’s story can be real, it is just that he knows who to balance and keep both of his sides separated.

What did Jesse Plemons think about his own character?

Whereas when Jesse Plemons was asked about his opinion about the character he played, he said that in the beginning, Todd looked like a guy no one would even notice. Also, he seems very harmless from the outside, and that’s the scariest thing about him.


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