Brenton Thwaites, star of Titans, shares new look he pitched for his character in Season 3


Titans is to return for Season 3 on HBO Max, after running so far in its original home of DC Universe. As production starts for the new episodes, Brenton Thwaites, who plays Dick Grayson, shared a photograph of a new look that he apparently ‘pitched’ for his character in the next season. Fans of the series would have encountered a very different Dick Grayson indeed if Thwaites had gotten his way!

On Instagram, he shared a look that will probably never appear on the screens! Having evidently taken a break from haircuts during the lockdown, much like Carson Daly and Brad Pitt, Brendon Thwaites showed off his hair at its wildest and most untamed state, as well as a mustache. Thwaites, however, is not having his hair cut on camera, unlike Carson Daly.

It should come as a shock to no one that the ‘pitch’ wasn’t exactly acceptable for the Titans team. Nightwing has had a gullet previously in the DC comics and in Batman: The Animated Series. Still, the short hair and no mullet or mustache look is probably a better look for both Brenton Thwaites and Dick Grayson. Just because he ditched the identity of Robin for Nightwing doesn’t mean that the whole appearance has to change.

There are already quite a few changes scheduled for the new season as Jason Todd goes full Red Hood without the traditional backstory of being killed by the Joker. While this might be good news for Jason, it leaves fans who have been expecting it to happen with quite a lot of questions.

The show will also be returning to Gotham and it seems Barbara Gordon is being featured in the new series. It seems likely however that it will be in her Oracle role and not as Batgirl. Batman villain Scarecrow is also believed to be joining the cast of characters.

Production has just started so it seems likely that the new looks of the actors are not in the immediate future. However, the premiere is set for sometime in 2021 so Titans might begin to release some promo material soon. 

For those wanting to brush up on the series or anyone interested, the first two seasons will be out on HBO Max starting 1 November, as will DC’s Young Justice: Outsiders.


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