Bridgerton Actor Cast In New Suicide Squad Spin-Off Show

Source: Digital Spy

Freddie Stroma, who plays Vigilante in the new HBO Max Suicide Squad spin-off drama Peacemaker, is ditching his regal garb in favour of a slew of weapons. 

The movie, which is based on John Cena’s Suicide Squad character Peacemaker, initially hired Chris Conrad in the role of Vigilante, but according to Deadline, Stroma has taken over after Conrad resigned due to creative differences.

Bridgerton Crew To Show Up In Upcoming New Suicide Squad Spin Off Series

In the Netflix historical drama Bridgerton, Stroma played Prince Friedrich, who fell for Daphne Bridgerton but ultimately wished her well when she proclaimed her love for Simon Bassett.

Stroma, who also appeared in Harry Potter, will play Adrian Chase / Vigilante, a talented fighter and marksman who is seeking revenge for his wife and children who were murdered by mobsters when he was working as a District Attorney in New York. 

Source: Digital Spy

In addition, Vigilante has the capacity to heal and rebuild his body after suffering terrible damage. 

His connection with Peacemaker, the vicious murderer played by John Cena, is yet to be revealed, but we can expect some spectacular action scenes between the two of them.

Peacemaker will be introduced to audiences in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad film, which will be released this summer, before his self-titled TV series premieres in 2022. 

Danielle Brooks, Jennifer Holland, Steve Agee, Chris Conrad, and Chukwudi Iwuji will star in the series, which Gunn will write and direct a number of episodes. 

Gunn announced earlier this year that filming on the DC spin-off had begun, saying: “In about eight weeks, I scripted the entire first season. And now, on the first day of shooting, I’m in my trailer. Life is strange. Let’s go (and let’s go safely!)”

The Suicide Squad will be released in UK theatres on July 30 and in the US on August 6 in theatres and on HBO Max. 

Already, the first season of most popular Bridgerton franchise is available on Netflix platform and the production for the second season is currently in the works. We will be updating you as soon as some new updates in the future.

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