Bridgerton Season 1’s Sexiest Scenes, Ranked

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If you all have watched Netflix’s “Bridgerton”, you can easily sense that it is not the series to be watched with your kids. There are many intimate scenes in the series which are too secretive to discuss. 

In this article, we are going to discuss few of the sex scenes from Bridgerton which are ranked.

Benedict Bridgerton scene in episode 5:

When frustrated Benedict goes to salon to meet Henry Granville where everyone was painting the sketch of nude model. He went to Henry and they both got into the couch and intimated with each other. That scene was just, damn!

Sex scenes of Daphne and Simon:

After many negotiations, Daphne and Simon finally made their relationship official and said that they are going to marry pretty soon at their own castle. 

There was a scene in episode 6 where the royal couple were enjoying the night time in the rainstorm and in the same episode, there was another which was day scene of picnic. One other was in library too. 

Daphne and Simon on stairs:

Episode 7 saw the couple reconciling after having a huge fight. They were sleeping in the separate rooms but one day when they both caught each other in the midnight, then passion overpowered and Simon treated the love of his life very special and had a good quality time. 

Marriage night of Daphne and Simon

Married under weird circumstances, Daphne and Simon tried to begin their marriage life with full trust. That was during that marriage night that the Royal couple consummated their marriage. 

By seeing the scene, it was obvious that Daphne was doing that for the very first time.

Anthony and Siena in Bleachers.

Siena and Anthony sneaked off after the tournament and intimated in the bleachers only. If you all have noticed, the theme was loaded with sexism and there were lot of moaning and groaning. 

Siena and Anthony their dressing room:

Courtesy: CinemaBlend

In episode 1, when Anthony goes to see the opera house of Siena, he was mesmerised after seeing her practice of opera. They both got into dressing room, Siena initiated and there was no turning back. 

They proved that there is no way to control yourselves after started once. 

These were few of the sex scenes from Bridgerton which are best according to this page. If you want to watch the whole season, then you can just tap on the link to download and watch it online for free- 

If you know other scenes as well, you can even comment down in the section and share the words. And stay tuned to the page for more updates. 


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