BritBox streaming service to be launched in South Africa!!

Courtesy: The Bharat Express News

BBC Studios and ITV are all set to launch their joint streaming venture BritBox in South Africa. It has been announced on Tuesday that BritBox will be launched in the second half of 2021. We know that you are also excited to know more about its launch and we are here to take your excitement to another level.

What is BritBox all about?

BritBox is an ad-free subscription video-on-demand streaming service that is already serving four territories, including the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia, with its successful launch. Expanding itself into its fifth worldwide territory, BritBox will step into South Africa to leave its mark there. 

If you want to know more about BritBox, let us tell you that it promises British TV shows that have much better content than others. It also includes best sets and dramas of British Box and live events including exclusive original commissions. 

The reason behind its next launch in South Africa is that both BBC and ITV share a strong bond with the South African audience. South African TV audiences are showing heavy interest in the British content and witnessing the high demand, both BBC First and ITV Choice have decided to launch BritBox in South Africa. This will increase their popularity as they will be providing viewers to continue watching British shows and closure of their respective TV channels altogether. 

Streaming services have revealed that the BritBox venture is operating as a 50/50 venture between BBC and ITV, and in South Africa, the services will use teams and technologies to enhance its fame. It is also said that launching BritBox in South Africa is a step towards expanding its platform in the international market.

Courtesy: Digital TV Europe

BritBox has started its services in March 2017 with its first launch in North America surpassing 1.5 million subscribers. With this success, the streaming services decided to give another launch in the UK in November 2019 followed by its launch in Australia in November 2020.


It is a well-known fact that South African audiences have a real connection with British television, so it can be said that the streaming services have taken a great step towards its great success. For knowing more about the BritBox launch in South Africa, stay tuned with us and follow the space as we will come back soon with more updates that will make you more excited.


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