British Star Keira Knightley doesn’t remember who she played in Star Wars The Phantom Menace



  • Keira Knightley does not remember what character she portrayed in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.
  • She said that she watched the film only once when she was 12.
  • She furthermore added that her character would not reprise in the upcoming film of the franchise.

Inside Story

Recently, the British actress Keira Knightley revealed that she does not remember any details about playing a role in Star Wars. When she was 12 years old, she played the character of Sabé, Queen Amidala’s double in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. It was one of the biggest and the first roles in her acting career. 

However, now, she hardly remembers anything about her role and other details about the film. You can continue reading to know what she has to show about the film.

In a recent interview, Keira Knightley had a chat about her role in Star Wars, but she failed to recall the character she played in the film.

The journalist told Knightley that her character survived, but Padmé did not, to which the actress gave a puzzled response. She asked which character did she play, and she thought that her role as Padmé.

Later on, she got informed that she portrayed as Sabé, to which she replied that she had seen the film only once, and it was when she was a kid. The film got released all over, and she watched the move a year later.

She continued that she never got a chance to see the film again. She then mentally noted and exclaimed that she portrayed the role of Sabé, and she didn’t die.

The interviewer then asked the actress if there had been any nee discussions about her reprising the character of Sabé for a new part in the Star Wars franchise.

She laughed and replied that returning to the role of a character that she cannot remember now. She also added that there had been no talks about her character’s return in the film.

Earlier this year, the British actress also admitted that she used to sleep a lot during the shoot of Phantom of Menace. She also said in an interview that she used to spend a lot of time in the background of films, and she used to doze off all the time.

Final Words

If you are looking for a Star Wars update, then, for now, we have none. Currently, we only know that Black Mirror director Toby Haynes is expected to shoot a new Star Wars Rogue One spin-off series soon.

He has replaced Tony Gilroy, who used to serve as director for this franchise. Some sources claim that Haynes replaced Gilroy because of travel problems in this pandemic.

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