Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 8 Latest Updates


Oh! Wow! The mix of crime and comedy is en-route yet again.

Netfilx has decided to revive the thriller series after the last season has earned a grand slam success.  You have been relishing over the thriller series Brooklyn Nine Nine spiced up with comedy, for seven seasons now.

Fox was the first producer who had ordered the 13 episodes of first season. Later on with growing popularity the single-camera comedy was stretched for 22 episodes. The first season exploded on September 17, 2013. But in May 2018, Fox cancelled the series after five successful seasons. 

Release expected

The story thereafter is quite known to you. Netflix is running the sixth and seventh seasons.  The renewal as in the eighth season is set to premiere late this year. This COVID-19 has snatched away all the sheets of our days in the calendar this year.  May be by 2021 the series Brooklyn Nine Nine can be surfaced.


Que Sera Sera!! The honest and hopeful future might entitle us to see Andre Braugher as Captain Holt, Terry Crews as Terry Jeffords, Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa Diaz, Melissa Fumero as Amy Santiago, and their tasks: Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta.

Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 8 Latest Updates

Story line

The creator of the series Dan Goor and Michael Schur have nicely knitted the American police procedural comedy. The comedy in the premise of crime is an additional topping on the cake. Jake Peralta and Captain Holt, have never let us down.


This lockdown due to Coronovirus have affected the shooting of Brooklyn Nine Nine.  The plot revolves round the New York City only, probably the worst hit areas of New York.

“Not only is it set in New York, but they’re first responders, and something like one in five New York City police officers is out sick or self-isolating, so there’s a real debate in the room as to what we should do and how much we should focus on it,” narrated the co-creator of the series Dan Goor.

“I feel like we will in some way acknowledge it, and live in it, or live with it. But we’re also conscious of the fact that the show has been a nice escape to some extent.” Goor also said that they don’t want to destroy the balance between the two genres, “being a fun escape with keeping the characters grounded within the world.” So, the fun elements are obvious to be restored around the chief plot sequences.

Folks, let’s wait for the one of it’s kind comedy!


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