Bruce Banner’s modification into most disgusting appearance as Hulk


The Hulk has gone through some modifications which are the most repulsive kind of transformation ever. Lastly, it was transformed in its 2008 American Superhero film, created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby. 

The Incredible Hulk is based on Marvel Comics, in which Bruce Banner starred as Hulk, along with Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, and Tim Blake Nelson. But now, Bruce Banner is modified into Hulk and is the most nauseating modification ever. 

It is a giant creature, with super strengths that make him one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Studios.

When Bruce Banner transformed into The Hulk, there was not a single loophole that made him weak or not giving justification to the role. The Hulk body is not all about mass and muscle. 

He has some lesser-known strengths and abilities which only a true fan can know about him. From the ability of not needing oxygen, fireproof stomach, ghost whisper, The Thunderclap, Mind Control resistance, Resilient skin, ability to heal others with his blood, these are some of the abilities that make the audience fall in love with his character. 

But this time besides his ability, his nauseating appearance has been proved as the most disgusting transformation to date. Bruce’s modification to Hulk is nightmarish and torment for the audience. All is his body parts including intestines and guts pulse shockingly transform to something huge.

The Incredible Hulk was the story of Edward Norton, a prominent scientist who was running away from the U.S. Government. He must find a cure for the monster, which was called Hulk, he turns into whenever he loses his temper.

After losing his temper, he transforms himself into Hulk on which the whole story is based upon. It was directed by Louis Leterrier and we can appreciate the efforts of its writers  Zak Penn and Zak Penn.

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Hulk has been transformed, emerged up, contracting into tiny objects, and been burned alive on a daily basis that it is not shocking to see him get changing in a meandering way. 

However, under the newest subject of never dying Hulk, the Hulk rises from the temper of Bruce Banner in reality which certainly has been exciting to see him that way.


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