Bruce Springsteen hits the Hamptons, shows off cut physique at 71 The Boss may be Born To Run, but he can also swim laps around you


A career spanning more than 5 decades, Bruce Springsteen still has DECADES left to keep entertaining us with his music. The singer and songwriter who has earned the nickname “The Boss”, and rightly so, has continued to impress us and teach us that passion has no age or expiry date.

His zest for life and love for music is a huge inspiration from those of the Boomers generation until the Millenials and will continue to go down as one of the most iconic musicians in history. 

The recent pictures that have surfaced stand as a testimonial to just that. The 71-year-old recently went out and about at the Asbury Park beach in New York. Spotted in a pair of blue and white striped trunks, the Born to Run singer took a dip in the ocean striding against the waves.

Emerging from the water, Springsteen was not shy to show off his toned physique. It may not be a chiseled figure but still a lot healthy than us most millennials. Clearly, the singer is still in his Glory Days

Springsteen’s fitness schedule:

If you too wish to age like fine wine as Springsteen has, all you need is a Hungry Heart and $9.99. That’s right! The Born in the U.S.A singer does not spend heaps of money on trainers, fitness, at-home gym, equipment, etc. Surprisingly, a visit to the local gym in his hometown, New Jersey is all he does to stay to keep fit.

The Boss had once shared his fitness regime which involves him running on a treadmill and working out with weights. Springsteen said that he has been doing the same exercise for 30 years and “it has paid off” and compared his toned muscles to a “tennis ball”. 

For Springsteen, he also shared that since he needs stamina and power to perform, exercising for him is very important. He compared performing one song to “sprinting while screaming for three to four minutes”. We can barely breathe while running, so we’ll leave the heavy-duty work for Springsteen.

Therefore, if you too wish to opt for a fitness routine that doesn’t break your wallet, hit your nearest local gym. If you live in New Jersey, chances are you too will bump into the 20 times Grammy Awarded singer. No big deal. 

On the work front:

The Boss will release his 20th studio album, Letter To You on October 23, 2020, and will see Springsteen reunite with his regular backing band, E Street Band since 2014. 

The album features 12 songs and 2 singles, titled Letter to You and Ghosts


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