Fox America’s weekly tv Sunday night brought a nice treat to Die Hard franchise viewers after a long time. Actor Bruce Willis picked up again in battery publicity for Advanced Auto Parts his legendary appearance as John McClane in Die Hard. 

The publicity includes Bruce Willis as John McClane and several cast members of the original 1988 film, including De’voreaux White and Clarence Gilyard. Check out the link:

What is in the promotional add?

30 years after the original Die-Hard movie, Bruce Willis took over the legendary part of the copper of New York John McClane in a promotional car portion alongside De’voreaux White (John’s limousine driver Argyle) and Clarence Gilyard Jr (villain Theo). 

The two-minute ad tracked McClane as he was wandering a quiet, desolate street looking for his broken-down car for a new battery until he found former technology expert Theo from Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman). He was soon surrounded by a group of robbers.

McClane spills across the Advance Car Parts Store window and orders a ‘Die Hard’ battery and wonders if there is any other way out at which point the store assistant motions to the sales and McClane tells, ‘C’mon. Are you joking with me?

After he’s pulled out of the supermarket, McClane’s former driver Argyle is saved, who takes him to the car, and the two drive off as a bomb blows down Theo. So, Argyle waves the infamous verse, “I’m going to ki—but McClane is sliced, who says, ‘Hye, this is my line!

Bruce Willi said he never did any company publicity in John McClane’s avatar in a statement submitted to major media sites in the United States and acquired from The Hollywood Reporter.

However, Advanced Parts approached the actor and proposed that the “DieHard” battery could be inserted into the Die Hard film franchise. Willis continues by saying that Advance approached the short as a clever script that combines an extreme production and leads to a fun location.

In 2013’s A Fine Day to Die Hard in which Willis had last replaced the character of John McClane, a total of $300 million against a $92 million budget. 

The actor said that the characters from the original film had been brought on board for the publication. He always enjoyed playing the hardcore character of John McClane.

Jason McDonell has sent a statement to Hollywood Reporters saying it was irresistible for them to combine their brand and film franchise.  

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