Brute Force: What REALLY Happened to Marvel’s WILDEST Team


The Brute Force was first introduced in 1990 with the upsurge of awareness about environmental issues. It featured a group of cyborg animals (dolphin, kangaroo, lion, eagle, and bear) who saved the world by stopping Adam Frost, a greedy businessman, from ruining the world. (you can find the comic here-,the%20Earth’s%20increasing%20environment%20pollution!&text=animals%20get%20together!-,A%20group%20of%20intellectual%20bionic%20animals%2C%20known%20as%20Brute%20Force,Wreckless! )

The fandom’s sudden interest in these mutant animals is due to Disney+’s new Marvel documentary series, 616. You can find its trailer here-

The characters were mainly designed similar to the bright coloured chunky toys that were quite famous in the late 80’s. When Marvel failed to make the toys, our animal superheroes vanished from the face of earth as well. Many thought it was the end of the series and they were not even remotely part of the mainstream Marvel universe. But turns out, they had a bigger part in it than we expected.

These animals were seen again in the 2002 series Weapon Plus where they were recruited to train for a future mutant-human war. They also got another comeback in Captain America: Winter Soldier but their characters turned much darker and many ended up dying. They were also featured in Deadpool Biannual #1 as well.

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