Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier Has Returned To Hydra in The Comics



  • In the comics, Bucky has no idea what he has got himself into this time.
  • He is unknowingly working under Veronica Eden, who is the agent of Hydra.
  • He doesn’t know what Eden is plotting behind his back.

Inside Story

The Winter Soldier had left Hydra for good, but he doesn’t know that he is again working for them. What will happen when Bucky realizes this? We can see many twists and turns in the comics.

This time, he is serving Hydra again, but he has no clue. Marvel is trying to establish a synergy comic book sales and upcoming MCU releases. That is why the company as released a new series of Shang-Chi and Falcon & Winter Soldier.

According to the sources, the Winter Soldier had a great start, and everything was going smoothly for him.

Currently, the Winter Soldier is seen working for a black ops group in the US Government. He is using his powers for good for paying for the crimes that he committed when he was under the control of Hydra. He believes that the Office of Federal Utilities works in the field of water management.

However, in reality, the so-called organization tracks terrorist groups across the US and sends their worker Winter Soldier aka Bucky Barnes to wipe them out. In the comics, Bucky has no idea that the organization is fooling him since day one.

He is serving an OFT agent named Veronica Eden. He does not know that she is Hydra’s agent and her plans are a mystery to them. 

Her dream is to lead Hydra, and she is using the Winter Soldier to eliminate the ones who could be her possible competition. Currently, we have no idea what is Eden’s rank in Hydra, but we can speculate her to be a middle-manager.

She is using her post for her motives. Apart from that, she has also manipulated Bucky into working for her too.

Final Words

Let us see how the Winter Soldier responds in this situation. He thought he was working for a US government, but he is back where he started. He also thought that Veronica Eden got abducted by Hydra, but she is dreaming to rule all of them.

Eden’s plan has been ruined because Bucky knows her real identity, and he will do anything to stop her. We can smell trouble and action in the comics for Eden.

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