Bulletproof Season 3 – Will the Bullet Hit The Goal!


A cheerful and protective day to all! Today, we are back with all the latest updates of Bulletproof Season 3. Bulletproof is a combination of action and crime. It is a British television drama series created by Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters. Season 1 and 2 of this show was premiered on a British channel, Sky One and now its time for the third installment.                                     

So, Let’s Grab The Updates Of The Crime Drama Series!

What about Storyline!

Script of this show was written by Nick Love and according to Deadline Hollywood Blog, this series was inspired by films like Lethal Weapon and Bad Boys. his whole show revolves around two National Crime Agency detectives of London who were childhood friends. They investigate many dangerous murder, robbery, kidnapping and drug dealing cases. Season 3 started from where season 2 left off. In season 2 case of Markides family was running and Bishop, and Pike go undercover.             

 So, whatever the story will be it will surely be full of drama, action and crime!

Bulletproof Season 3 – Will the Bullet Hit The Goal!

Release Date

Its first season was aired on 15 May 2018 with a bunch of six episodes and full of action and drama. Almost after 2 years, director launched the second series on 20 March 2020 with a collection of 8 episodes.                                                                                                  

 Now, it’s time for the airing of third season which is not officially assured but according to the positive reviews and ratings for the previous two series, it is pretty sure that the show is renewed for the third series. One more good news is tweeted by Noel Clarke for the fans is that show’s makers announced that, there would be a three-episode particular that is going to air soon on Sky One. Hence, Season 3 will reach us in the mid or late 2021!


As airing of season 3 is not sure yet, so it’s casting is also hidden. Our two main hero detectives will surely return in season 3 as show seems incomplete without them.              Actors who played the lead role are; Noel Clarke as Aaron Bishop who is the main character of this show and plays role of a detective.

Ashley Walters as Ronald Pike Jr. Who is also a lead character, another NCA detective? Lindsey Coulson as Sarah Tanner who is the chief inspector of the detectives. Some other actors who may reprise their role; Jason Maza as Chris Munroe, David Elliot as Tim Jones, Christina Chong as Nell McBride and maybe some new actors will entertain us!

Stay Connected and Stay Safe!             

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