‘Bye Tiffany’: First Daughter Tiffany Trump Faces Backlash From People For Throwing Lavish Birthday Party Amid Pandemic


Netizens are slamming Tiffany Trump for throwing a lush birthday party during the current pandemic. Recently, some users on Twitter started posting #ByeTiffany on their Twitter account. After a while, it began trending on the website. One footage has gone viral on the website where the First Daughter is shown partying in Miami hotspots.

Tiffany Trump faces resentment tor partying during the current situation!

People are shocked and angry to see Tiffany Trump to party and enjoy her birthday, while the citizens of America are suffering from the ongoing pandemic. The number of coronavirus cases has also increased in the country. Besides, in Florida, around 16,000 people have died.

Sources reveal that President Donald Trump‘s daughter was partying all night on October 11. She got spotted along with a group of friends. She was also seen sharing a birthday cake decorated with her Instagrams, dancing, as well as popping bottles of champagne. The raged citizens took it to their Twitter and started talking about Tiffany Trump, and after two days, which is on October 15, the hashtag began trending in America.

It was all due to a PAC called MeidasTouch, who created a clip that targeted Tiffany Trump for enjoying and partying the night away while the citizen’s lives were ruined by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Being the First Daughter, she should know how to portray her image to the world. Partying on her birthday just shows how much she cares about the citizens of the country.

You can watch the complete campaign attack ad below where juxtaposes Tiffany painting the town red, white, and blue while the citizens of America are facing several issues and dealing with the fallout of President Donald Trump’s inaction. As she had a fun night, but people were reminded of separated families, closed schools, and colleges.

 As the ad ended, a clip was added to Tiffany’s speech at the Republican National Convention. On August 25, she spoke during the RNC and spent her night rallying against Joe Biden. One line that felt fake and baffled viewers, which said that she could relate to people who might be looking for a job.

Final Words

Tiffany is roaming around Miami to celebrate her birthday while on the other hand, others have skipped their birthdays, canceled weddings and missed out on proms, and much more. Coming from a rich background doesn’t make her a different person in America. If others are following strict rules during the Covid-19 pandemic, then she should follow them too.

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