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c/o kancharapalem movie download
c/o kancharapalem movie download

In the little village of Kancharapalem in Visakhapatnam, the story centers on four couples who are separated by age, religion, caste, and class. It also demonstrates how life and time play an important influence in the fate of the four couples who defy social conventions in the name of love. c/o kancharapalem movie download tamilmy

Venkatesh Maha’s debut film C/o Kancharapalem is a 2018 Telugu life anthology film written and directed by him. Praveena Paruchuri, an American director, produced the picture, which is distributed by Rana Daggubati’s Suresh Productions.

The film stars approximately 80 non-actors, the majority of them are natives of Kancharapalem, Visakhapatnam, where the story is set. The public and the majority of film critics gave the film positive reviews.

At the 2019 Zee Cine Awards Telugu, the film won Best Critic Movie. It was shown in the New York Indian Film Festival and the Melbourne Indian Film Festival. It was named “Best Film” at the “Critics’ Choice Festival of Indian Films” in Mumbai, “Best Actor” at the “Caleidoscope Indian Film Festival” in Boston, and “25 Best Telugu Films of the Decade” by Film Companion. In Tamil, the film was remade.

While visiting an old friend in the Kancharapalem neighborhood, director Maha had the idea for C/o Kancherapalem. Maha decided to make an independent film on the area and its people after mingling with the locals and attentively observing their way of life.

Maha later met Praveena Paruchuri, an Indian-American cardiologist interested in making a film in India. Maha showed Parachuri a pitch video for his story, and she was immediately impressed, saying, “This is meant for Cannes.” Parachute offered to produce the film for a fee of $3,000, which Maha accepted.

C / O Kancharapalem, directed by Venkatesh Maha, raises a birthday cake to empathetic, bare-bones storytelling, empowers unheard-of regional voices, and helps remove Telugu cinema’s hackneyed depiction of social stories. The film stars Subba Rao, Radha Bessy, Kesava Karri, Nithya Sri Goru, and a slew of other actors.

Four love stories of four different age groups are brought to life in one film set in a Visakhapatnam suburb, in which the ideas of religion, gender, and relationships shift through time.

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Movie review

It’s a loud-small suburb in a big city, a close-knit community that rallies behind one another in times of need, united by their love of art. Many things about Kancharapalem are heart-warmingly simple, ordinary, and most importantly, easily recognizable.

Trains pass through the day between two adjacent colonies, everyone has an opinion on nearly everything that surrounds them, and everyone has an opinion on nearly everything that surrounds them. c/o kancharapalem movie download tamilrockers

C / O Kancharapalem shows more than it tells, and when you leave the theatre, you want to pick up a piece from the place. It’s rare for a film to make a comment on religion, stature, age, and love while never stating the obvious.

On paper, C / O Kancharapalem appears to be another artsy-indie film, but it is actually a rare Habib Tanvir-style filmmaking experiment in which filmmaker Venkatesh Maha uses largely local locals as artists for a film, remaining with them and sharing their narrative to a wider audience. However, it is the honesty that creates an impression, the chance to see the grace hidden beneath their ordinariness.

These are the stories we hear: a manager insisting that an attendant sits alongside her during lunch as a gesture of equality, the community’s skepticism of a man’s sexuality for staying single at 49, and a boy’s idea that his God was essential in getting him to know his lady’s love. c/o kancharapalem movie download Utorrent c/o kancharapalem full movie download today

Anthologies aren’t new to Telugu cinema—the most recent examples are Chandamama Kathalu and Vedam—but the seamlessness with which its four sub-plots are intertwined is surprising, and it’s also the sole quintessential twist in traditional cinematic terminology. The film’s first obvious lesson is the concept of the filmmaker’s generation, and how losses affect the value structure.

Sundaram and Sunitha are in their pre-teens, and their love for each other has led them to emphasize the term ‘Sun’ in their names. The girl’s favorite song is Maro Charitra’s ‘Bhale Bhale Magadivoy,’ but its lyrical explicitness is not thought proper for the generation or the seniors in the vicinity.

The male helps her learn the song while remaining unaffected by the song’s intent, demonstrating their love for each other. Another case of sincerity in love between a boy in a wine shop and a prostitute is out of the ordinary: the former embraces her sufficiently to offer her a condom, as well as a bottle of wine from the women’s preferred brand.

The film’s soul is a ringside perspective of what people in their 40s seek out of a relationship, showcasing their wisdom, depth, and understanding of life without making it sound like a gyaan-giving session is one of the film’s greatest triumphs.

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The Gaddam-Saleema segment is about moving on from a traumatic past, while the Raju-Radha segment is about living life as you wish.

However, because the overall image is sufficiently holistic, these pieces cannot readily be pigeonholed into a category. The fact that it was shot in sync-sound adds to the film’s poetic tone. c/o kancharapalem movie download isaimini

That doesn’t take away from its ageless humor, which consists of a mix of hilarious, decent, and fantastic conversational laughter rather than ‘punches.’ C / O Kancharapalem takes its time assembling its cast of characters and setting.

The anti-stereotyping of an area is one of the best parts of the picture, given that the tale is fashioned by a profound awareness of the roots of a region where normal cinema often makes little effort.

The multifaceted characters add a lot of replay value. If the director of Venkatesh Maha is the brains behind this plan, he deserves credit. Yes.

The collaborative efforts to put this together, including the no-fear cast of Mohan Bhagath, Karthik Ratnam, Praveena Paruchuri, Subba Rao, and Radha, to mention a few, as well as the sound designer, composer, and producer who saw an opportunity to support the production of this magnitude, must be commended.

It’s also a boon since when Telugu cinema introduces a new trend, the movie is released in theatres. Allow your voices to soar!

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