Cadaver: Norwegian horror film Release Date, Trailer, Cast


Cadaver is a Norwegian horror movie released on Netflix on 22nd October 2020. If you want to watch the trailer before the movie then it is available on YouTube as well as on Netflix. We are certain that the trailer will give you chills. 

The plot of the movie:

According to the movie the world has gone through a nuclear disaster after which the world left with few survivors. One day a hotel owner arranged a free meal dinner and a theatre for the survivors. Among them, a family of three Leonara, Jacob, and Alice due to starving and left with no other options take the opportunity.

The owner of the hotel gave masks to the attendees to separate them from the theatre actors. The moment Leonara and Jacob wind out that there is something creepy in the hotel their daughter Alice also disappeared. Then the real story starts.

So, hope the story so far has made up the mind to not skip further.

On that note, we know the storyline is indeed worth the time but not without the strong roles.

So here is the cast list for you!

The cast of the movie:

The main cast of the movie are:

Gitte Witt as Leonora

Thomas Gullestad as Jacob

Tuva Olivia Remman as Alice

Thorbjørn Harr as Mathias

Kingsford Siayor as Lars

Maria Grazia Di Meo as Kathrine

Jonatan Rodriguez as David

Trine Wiggen as Rakel

Tuva Olivia Remman

Considering that, the strong characters and interesting storyline shouldn’t be missed. Do watch the trailer

 and let us know your thoughts.


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