Can we expect Sky High 2 to release someday?


While the filmography of Director Mike Mitchell is predominantly family-friendly, his work in this category includes films in animated franchisees. The fourth “Shrek,” the second “LEGO Movie,” and the first “Trolls” are his directory credits. But bucking this tendency is one of the first Mitchell family movies: the “Sky High” live-action.

“Sky High” is probably one of the most undervalued pictures in 20 years and is even one of Disney’s most neglected flicks. Although “Sky High” has a fair number of supporters, the light still has to be seen in a sequel – but can we expect that to happen?

Although the development of “Sky High 2” has still to begin, Mike Mitchell did intend to continue the project. The Mitchell concept for a sequel to “Sky High” is called “Save U”, following the youthful heroes of “Sky High” on Save University during their college years. Mitchell said “Save U” was not only once at the Disney Slate, but also his young actors were signed on to a version of the movie’s TV show.

Nevertheless, “Sky High’s” box office was not up to Disney standards, and none of the television series had ever seen the light of day. In addition, “Sky High,” as Mitchell pointed out, ran up in July 2005 against heavy competition. In July 2020, Mark McCorkle, one of the film’s authors, sat for an interview, closest to news of a ‘Sky High’ sequel. 

According to his estimation, McCorkle has called the idea of ‘Sky High’ continuance as a ‘natural fit for Disney+’ and something he and Mike Mitchell still have a wish to make for. That said, “Sky High 2” still depends on Disney to establish sufficient franchise interest to justify a follow-up. As McCorkle said to Inverse: “Their wishes may be answered if the people speak.” However, no preparations for a “Sky High 2” production are in place at this stage.


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