Candyman Release Date, Cast, And Plot

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Urban legends are much more than scary stories intended to terrorise children in the world of horror films. As the characters quickly discover, they’re frequently all too real, and in the horror classic “Candyman,” the theme of how society’s ideas can create reality takes centre stage. 

The 1992 horror film has remained influential, and if you ask fans, there are plenty of situations that make them leap out of their chairs. Tony Todd’s terrifying portrayal of the titular slasher contributes significantly to this.

While horror classics like Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees haven’t been seen on the big screen in a long time, the Candyman is ready to make audiences howl in terror. 

After being postponed last year due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the fourth edition of the “Candyman” franchise will finally hit theatres soon. 

There are plenty of reasons to be enthusiastic about Tony Todd’s return as the Candyman, as well as the fact that Nia DaCosta, who will direct “The Marvels,” previously helmed the film. This is everything we know about “Candyman” right now. 

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What Is The Candyman Release Date? 

Over the last year, the cast of “Candyman” has changed quite a little. The horror sequel was supposed to be released in June 2020, but Universal moved it back when it became evident that the virus was not going away anytime soon (via The Hollywood Reporter). The film’s new release date was September of that year, but it had to be rescheduled many times until finally landing on August 27, 2021. Given how movie theatres have continued to open as more individuals acquire vaccines, it appears that “Candyman” will keep to that release date.

Upon its first release, “Candyman” will be available only in theatres. Several studios have begun to test dual theatre and streaming service release strategies. 

Nonetheless, it appears like Universal wants audiences to be able to view the new horror film on the big screen, at least at first. There is no news on when or where the slasher film will be accessible for home viewing. 

Who’s In The Candyman Cast?

There will be a few familiar faces among the cast for fans of the original “Candyman” films. Tony Todd, who played the titular slasher in the first film, returns in this sequel. The Candyman himself is a terrible spirit that appears to anyone who dares to pronounce his name five times in a mirror. 

He’s one of the deadliest horror movie monsters to grace the big screen, with a rusted hook for a hand and a penchant for bees. Vanessa Estelle Williams, who plays Anne-Marie McCoy in both films, is another original cast member who will return. 

You may recall her as Anthony’s mother in the 1992 film, when she chatted with a college student about the urban legend surrounding the monster in the Cabrini Hills neighbourhood.

Anthony has matured for the sequel, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II reprises his role as him. He’s now a visual artist residing in a newly gentrified part of town, where he draws inspiration for his work from the Candyman legend. 

Teyonah Parris (“WandaVision”), Colman Domingo (“Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”), and Nathan Lloyd Stewart-Jarrett round out the strong cast for the upcoming horror film (“The Kid Who Would Be King”). 

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What Is Candyman’s Plot?

Given that “Candyman” from 2021 lacks a subtitle or any numerical markings, it’s possible that viewers will assume it’s a remake of the original. Rest assured, it’s a sequel set several decades after the events of the first film. The two films even have a connection in that Candyman, the kidnapped little child, is the protagonist of the sequel.

The story of the 2021 film follows Anthony as he attempts to resurrect his artistic career. He meets with an elder member of the community who used to live in the Cabrini Green projects one day. This guy tells him the terrifying Candyman story, which Anthony utilises as inspiration for his paintings. However, the more he delves into the Candyman notion, the more he’ll unleash a horrifying wave of killings.

Given that horror master Jordan Peele wrote and produced the film, expect plenty of his usual mixture of frights and social critique. “Candyman” is a horror flick that will make you think twice about staring at yourself in the mirror for too long.

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