Cardi B announced that she is pregnant and is bearing her second child

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Her second child has been confirmed by Cardi B. The rapper and Fast & Furious 9 star posting on Instagram stated that, after the couple’s first child, daughter Kulture, in October 2018, she expects another baby with her husband and Migos star Offset.

“#2!” Cardi also tagged Offset in the post while writing. Cardi confirmed her pregnancy last week at the BET Awards, where she dressed in an attire that showed her baby bulge on stage during Migos’ performance. She played a mixture of her tunes later on.

Again, Cardi wrote to Instagram about her pregnancy: “We heard each other, communicated with each other, prayed, and God blessed our family and us with a small blessing.

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“Our home is so lively and bustling, but we are so glad and ready! So many thanks and good wishes to each and everybody.” Cardi submitted an offset divorce in the past but in November last year sought that the divorce is dismissed.

The pregnancy follows Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel who confirms that Cardi returns for the 10th movie of the franchise Leysa. “We are very thrilled to develop and to expand her character into the finale,” Diesel said earlier. Fast and Furious 9 is available to watch in US and UK cinemas.

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