Carnival Row Season 2: Possible Return This Fall


Better late than never!

Many film and TV productions took a hit due to the coronavirus pandemic but in the last few weeks; production companies are finally getting back on track as they operate following the COVID-19 prevention protocols. 

In the same post-COVID world, Carnival Row has managed to wrap up filming of season 2 in the Czech Republic. In all fairness, most of the production work had already been done before it was shut down in March. 

Filming in Czech Republic: 

The shooting began on November 11, 2019, but had to shut down in March 2020. With only two weeks of filming left, Carnival Row Season 2 finally wrapped up its remaining filming schedule. 

Speaking about the experience, producer David Minkowski said, “…I appreciate that the Czech government acted fast and provided great support in order to restart film production. Since the country re-opened May 7, international production has returned quickly. 

It’s a testament to the amazing cast and crew of ‘Carnival Row’ that it was one of the first global shows to get back on its feet and complete filming. To be sure, we adopted strict health and safety protocols even though the presence of the virus in the Czech Republic is low.”

Adding to that, showrunner Erik Olsen praised the craftsmanship of the Czech crew as one of the best he has ever seen in his 30-plus years in the industry. 

The period drama that required massive sets with intricate details were done effortlessly and in due time by the crew. The country and its locals also helped the crew as they seamlessly shot scenes in streets, alleys and buildings that acted as functional working sets of their own which would have been expensive to construct. 


The series was previously expected to release in the summer of 2020. Considering that the Carnival Row has finally managed to finish filming, the production phases are likely to be completed by late November or early December. 

There is a slight possibility that the show could premiere this very year! It’d certainly be a treat for fans that have been waiting for the upcoming season for months. Unless Amazon Prime decides to stick to their summer release then there is a possibility that one could look at summer 2021 release.


Carnival Row follows the lives of mythological creatures, known as the fae who are seeking refuge on Earth in the fantasy world of Victorian London after being forced out of their realms. 

Orlando Bloom who plays detective, Rycroft Philostrate during one of his investigations comes into contact with Vignette played by Cara Delevingne, also a fairy known as a fae. In this journey, Rycroft learns a shocking truth about himself – he is half-human and half-fae.

Season two of the Victorian fantasy period drama will see the fae’s fight for their freedom. The show will also touch upon political themes such as immigration, war and refugee crisis

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