Cast for series 1 unveiled by The Masked Dancer UK

Source: Digital Spy

The new spin-off series The Masked Dancer UK has now been confirmed for all you amateur detective fans out there! The outrageous cast has been unveiled by ITV. We would be witnessing Strictly Come Dancing’s Oti Mabuse joining Joel Dammett and judges Mo Gilligan, Davina McCall, and Jonathan Ross in order to reap of the identities of celebrities having some unusual characters. You’ll be now witnessing the cast of The Masked Dancer UK 2021 from Beagle to Zip ahead of its premiere and believe me when I say this: It won’t be long enough!

Beetroot – You will be witnessing this character dancing to their own beat on the dancefloor. Surely, there is no doubt in the fact that we would get to see the charisma of this character soon. Are you excited to see how it catches up to the beat? Well, we all are! Aren’t we?

Source: Digital Spy

Carwash – This character makes up for our next dancing candidate who is certain to send the audience into a spin. It is not just dancing that would be emphasized by this character’s actions but singing would also be an integral part. There is a possibility of you getting a total entertainment package here!

Rubber Chicken – Tired of the funky chicken you have already had? Here is your chance of meeting the Rubber Chicken. A new character and definitely the one having the highest expectations from.

Beagle – There is just one phrase that can properly describe the actions of Beagle – Who let the dogs out?

Flamingo – You are bound to see this tropical bird during the Spring and having it migrated to the dance studio during this time would probably be the best thing for you to witness.


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