Casualty’s Di Botcher was shocked by Jan’s drugs storyline

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We are much familiar with the series ‘Casualty’, a drama comprising of a team of young doctors. Since 1986, the series has kept on entertaining us following 35 seasons and still on track. All our adored readers might be curious about what we coming from within this article, so we have come up with a spoiler of the series ‘Casualty’.

Our favourite Di Botcher from the series ‘Casualty’, was initially shocked with her Character’s drug storyline as Jan Jennings. But understandably we decided to go with it and continued.

In the upcoming scenes, the paramedic will furtively pass on the drugs to her incarcerated son, Ross to save same him from being vigorously attracted by ruffians.

The Welsh actress recalled, in catch up of Episode ‘Inside Soap’ her initial script lines which were that “she thought, but she’s not gonna do that!”

“I thought after putting myself in Jan’s shoe, however, I won’t have done that though!” But was all about her love and affection for her son as Jan was surmised of his risk of life.

Jan knew that nobody is actually going to help her, so Jan realized that she is the last resort to way her out of trouble. Meanwhile, she was on the verge to get into hell but went back.

Jan will have to get back home silently with contend anxieties inside as Ffion Morgan, the police sergeant, and her wife won’t be there to help her out of any circumstances.

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We must remember that Ffion has her moral code as a police officer that would guide her to her actual responsibility even if Jan’s moral code is been fall, stated by Di Botcher.

Apart from that, one thing that adds up is Ffion has never liked Jan’s son, Ross. Even when she was younger, so that becomes another chaos further.

That’s why, as soon as Jan mentioned his son Ross, Ffion’s eyebrows would be up and he won’t be at all compassionate or empathetic while listening.

That’s all for this article. Will come up with the next one very soon. So stay tuned with us.


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