Catherine Tate addresses Doctor Who series 13 return claims

Source: Digital Spy

The spokesperson of Catherine Tate has recently forwarded to the media that the star has geared up for his revival in the series”Doctor Who”.

According to the speculation, Catherine Tate will be reprising her previous role of Donna Noble, the former companion of The Doctor. This was for the scene shoot in Liverpool, at the beginning of this week. 

According to information collected by our team, the whole crew of The Doctor has initiated their shooting in Liverpool. They are shooting the scene where the Thirteenth Doctor on Jodie Whittaker meets Dan i.e., John Bishop, her new companion.

Being a part of this great transition, Catherine Tate seems to be too good to be true either but, unfortunately, that might a probable consequence.

Source: Metro

Catherine’s spokesperson has prepared all the reports of her shooting in “Doctor Who”, also add up and confirms that Tate is not abling to give so much time in Liverpool and is not on Doctor Who’s set either.

BBC completely condemned to comment on the aspect, that whether Tate is coming back to her role in “Doctor Who” or not.

For the last 11 years, Catherine has been away from the show “Doctor Who”. But she continued in an audio drama series with her same role as Donna Noble, Doctor’s former companion. In this audio drama series, she was working with Davide Tennant, for the show named “Big Finish”.

The actress, Catherine Tate reacted to the historic and classic casting by Jodie Whittaker. As the casting compromising first female doctor in it, stating on Absolute Radio to Jason Manford in the year 2019. Yet I haven’t seen or met them live because I feel they are not lucid to me which makes me feel inferior to a certain extent.

Also, she increased her grace by commenting that ” I feel she is fantastic as she’s brilliant in what she does.”

Apart from that, “Doctor Who” is going to air in the UK on channel BBC One and in the US, this show will be screened on BBC America. Later this year, Series 13 is on the way to its premiere.

Now it will be quite good to see Catherine back on the show with her most interesting characteristics. So, for more related updates stay tuned with us. 


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