Catwoman Shouldn’t Just Be Bruce Wayne’s Lover Again in The Batman Film in 2022


Batman fans can’t wait to see the upcoming DC film The Batman, which is set to release in 2022 According to the sources, Zoe Kravitz will be playing the role of Catwoman in the flick. 

But fans are tired of seeing Selina Kyle as Bruce’s love interest. In the 1940’s DC comics, Catwoman and Batman had a flirtatious relationship, and since then, their relationship has taken to another level in new films and series.

Batman creators need to create a new plot for Catwoman in the 2022 film!

In 2017, Batman proposed Catwoman, but Selina Kyle has not told Bruce Wayne that she loves him or not in the comics. 

Their relationship in the comics is more serious than what is shown in the onscreen. In the FOX series Gotham, the series showcased the budding relationship between Bruce and Selina when they are teens.

Most of the plot of the series revolves around their romance, and now, some fans are demanding something different for Catwoman in the upcoming film. 

Many comic books and its TV series and films adaptations are different these days, so it will be perfectly fine for the creators to do some experiment and create their version of the story for Catwoman. Fans would love to see her in action and fighting against the villains along with Batman as an ally.

As of now, the filmmakers haven’t talked anything about Zoe Kravitz’s role in The Batman. In the trailer, it is shown that she has not completely evolved into her real form yet. If a few scenes, she is spotted practicing her fighting as well as cat burglary skills.

Except for improving her skills, one thing fans don’t want her to focus on is her relationship with Bruce Wayne. It will also be too early for them to be romantically involved with each other.

It is okay if they become partners in the future, but for now, they should focus more on other serious things. It is also perfectly fine if the filmmakers show some mutual attraction where Catwoman uses her seductive abilities to lure Batman and catch him off-guard and flee away. Fans want Catwoman to be what she is, a villain! 

Now it is again up to the filmmakers to make her a likable villain, a tragic villain, or something else, but she must not be involved with Batman in any romantic way. 


Fans don’t want to see any tension between Catwoman and Batman in the 2022 film. Selina Kyle is a great character, and she deserves more than just being shown as Bruce Wayne’s love interest. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, then click on the link below.

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