Chainsmokers: Latest concert fuels breaking of rules of social distancing


‘Cause, this is all we know’ is one of the popular songs by the band Chainsmokers. But this is not all we know. We had been through enough. We know enough to stay cautious and to be mindful of the current pandemic.

Contrary to the lyrics, chainsmokers made it to headlines for their recent concert violating all the social distancing rules and public health precautions. Because they didn’t know enough how a massive crowd would behave in a concert by a prominent band. Or how awful things could go in a situation like this. 

The charity concert called “safe and sound”, was intended to be a drive-in music experience in Hamptons, where the attendees could either sit inside their vehicle or within the allowed premise of their vehicle. This would give the audience an ‘immersive experience’ and this would be the beginning of an upcoming new normal way of attending public programs. 

Chainsmokers: Latest concert fuels breaking of rules of social distancing

The authorities claimed that all attendees were allowed to move only to the washroom. Otherwise, was supposed to keep a 6 feet distance from each other. 

 The 100-acre open ground was installed throughout with sanitizing stations, attendees were provided with face masks and covers on their arrival and checked their temperature as well.  Washrooms were disinfected on regular intervals, securities patrolled right through to make sure no one violated any rules. 

Even when the authorities claim all the above statements, the videos posted on social media stirred the tolerance of people all over the world. 

Especially the health commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker has initiated an investigation regarding the same. And also, he had written a letter addressing the issue to Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman. This itself indicates the chainsmokers will be in big trouble to put a massive crowd under heath threat. The intention of the concert was to raise medical fund for children in New York. 

However, the majority of the attendees reported they stuck on to all the social distancing rules and wore masks throughout the concerts. But deceivingly the footage of the concert proves these statements to be wrong. 


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