Chelsea Clinton talks about her relationship with Ivanka Trump


Chelsea Clinton is getting legitimate about what finished her fellowship with Ivanka Trump. The previous first girl didn’t dance around the issues when it came to depicting the current week’s presidential discussion – and was likewise real to life while examining Ivanka on Thursday’s scene of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. 

“I’ve not addressed here since 2016 and I have no enthusiasm for being companions with somebody who isn’t just complicit yet effectively partaking in this present organization’s consistent impact of brutality and inadequacy,” Chelsea stated when requested to describe their ebb and flow relationship. “That is the appropriate response.” 

Chelsea and Ivanka were companions for quite a long time before their folks – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, separately – ran against one another in the 2016 presidential political decision.

The two of them proclaimed on the battlefield that they would remain companions after political race day, yet that wasn’t the situation. They were most recently seen together at President George H.W. Shrubbery’s burial service in November 2018, however, Chelsea said in an April 2020 meeting with Stephen Colbert that she and Ivanka hadn’t spoken in “quite a while.” 

“We were in contact with the start of the mission. In any case, it’s simply truly hard when there’s somebody who’s effectively grasping their up-and-comer – regardless of whether it’s their dad or not –

who is dealing with prejudice and sexism and against Semitism and Islamophobia and homophobia and transphobia and paranoid notions and lies and is so essentially degenerate,” Chelsea told Cohen on Thursday. 

“I don’t think [Ivanka and her father] are the equivalent by any norm, however, I believe she’s more than complicit, as any individual who has worked for him for such a long time by definition is,” she included. “Also, I would prefer not to be companions with somebody like that.”


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