Chewbacca’s Porg Pal from The Last Jedi Finally Has a Name


There have been many unnamed characters in Star Wars and only a few have stood out to the fans. One of them is Chewbacca’s Porg pal from The Last Jedi. This character caught the attention of the audience, especially the hardcore fans.

You can watch the trailer of The Last Jedi here-


One of such fans was this father and son duo who ran a podcast called “tatooine sons”. You can find their podcast and other social media handles here- 

On a panel where Rian Johnson, the director of The Last Jedi, answered some questions from the fans in collaboration with the collider, the Tatooine sons asked what the name of Porg Stowaway was. But instead of answering the question, Rian asked the question back to the host Nathan Jesse and he replied that he could be named “Tribus”.

“‘Terbus’? Pablo [Hidalgo], if you’re listening to this Livestream: that Porg’s name is now Tribus. It’s a good Star Wars name.”

It was a “good Star Wars name” indeed. Turns out, Johnson was not the only one who thought so. The name Terbus was later used for the port in the 2019 comic book Star Wars Adventures 27!

This comic book was most awaited by the fans as it bridges the story gap between The Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker. 




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