Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season Latest Updates

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season Latest Updates
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season Latest Updates

This dark coming of age story filled with witchcraft, horror, and mythological elements has been a super hit ever since it was released in on October 26, 2018. The show revolves around Sabrina Spellman a half-witch, half-human teenager who tries to cope up with the dark side of her life while trying to maintain a normal life as a high school student. The show currently has three seasons and all of them can be streamed on Netflix. The makers have also confirmed that the witches will come back to haunt you for another season soon.  

What Is The Release Date?

Like the first and Second Seasons, Third and Fourth are pieces of the same puzzle as Netflix ordered 16 Episodes back in December 2018, out of which Eight Episodes have been released and the rest are in the works. There is no exact date about when the Four Season will be released but according to the gap between Season one and two, we can assume that the next season will be released in late 2020 or early 2021.

Cast, Plot, Trailer?

In Season Three we saw Sabrina played by Kiernan Shipka rescue her boyfriend nick or Nicholas Scratch played by Gavin Leatherwood from hell whose body is captured by Dark Lord who is Sabrina’s Creepy Birth Father played by Luke Cook. Sabrina being the kindhearted that she is, tries to bring new management to Satan’s Realm in the third season. 

The Show has played with timelines a bit resulting in two Sabrinas one that comes from the future and one that currently rules hell. Part four will probably show the progression and growth of both the future and the current Sabrina side by side. Other members of the cast for the next season are Sabrina’s Mortal Friends Harvey Kinkle played by Ross Lynch, Rosalind Walker played by Jaz Sinclair and Theo Putman played by Lachlan Watson. 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season Latest Updates

Also, likely to return is Mary Wardwell/Madam Satan played by Michelle Gomez and Father Blackwood played by Richard Coyle. The Trailer for Season Four is yet to be released however you can listen to an amazing music video that was released a few months ago on YouTube. 

More About the Show!!

Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa said, “We are still shooting and we are kinda down to our last few episodes of Part 4 which has been really really fun”. He also said “Each part has its own kind of identity, and Part 4 is different from Part 3, where a lot of it was set in Hell, we still have that. But each episode of Part 4 is like its own mini horror movie, which is exciting.” So it is not wrong to expect that Part 4 will be a thrilling Adventure with a punch of horror.

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