Chris Harrison Committed To Promote Diversity In Both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette!


Hello buddies! Although, all the discriminations are bad. But today, we’ll put a glance on racism which is the most blunder and ridiculous discrimination in this world leads to several deaths and it’s still run in the blood of many!

Damn Man! You know, the developed and educated countries also discriminate on the basis of color for instance the murder of George Floyd by American Police in 2020.

The same discrimination was seen by the fans of two dazzling and glamorous shows ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’ which are presented by Chris Harrison. These are the fabulous American dating reality shows whose all seasons have been aired on channel ABC and appraised by the fans a lot.

 The Bachelor has been on the air for over 18 years and The Bachelorette is going to air its sixteenth season on 13 October 2020, but can you imagine, every season has been white with very few exceptions.

The black exceptions were Juan-Pablo Galavis, who has arguably gone down as one of the most controversial Bachelor of season 17 and Rachel Lindsay who becomes the first black bachelorette of season 13.

 It seems like both the shows are meant for white people only but as nobody sees their own mistakes so its quite difficult to accept these kinds of blame for Mr. Harrison. But the fans for which you are making shows will notice each and everything and also raise voice against the discrimination.

Did fans burst out their feelings or not!

Yup Readers! Fabulous fans of these shows had created a campaign named “The Bachelor Diversity Campaign” and wants diversity and equality from the ongoing seasons. They demand that people of every color will be represented in front of and behind the cameras without any hesitation.

Fans don’t want to watch the discrimination shows at all. But as the doctors never wants to loose their patients similarly Chris Harrison doesn’t want to loose their fans!

What did Chris Harrison Replied! Will he accept the mistake and resolve it or not!

Yes, he will definitely solve this conflict and also addressed how the show will be implementing changes to increase diversity in the forthcoming shows. He mentioned that change never happens fast enough. \

It takes time to turn around a big ship. And after that, Harrison, announced a change about the forthcoming season of The Bachelorette which will going to premiere its sixteenth season in October starring a beautiful American personality Clare Crawley is replaced by Tayshia Adams, which will become the second black Bachelorette in history.

So, buddies don’t sit quietly! Raise your voice when something goes wrong.


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