Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor, has made a sneaky cameo in Loki.


A frog version of Thor was presented in Loki’s last episode (episode 5) that was funny for casual fans and highly nostalgic for hardcore readers of comic books.

However, it was still quite a little while, so fans presumably did not think that the crew would take the time to bring Chris Hemsworth in to voice over for his legendary character. But they went and did exactly that.

From the podcast 616, the scene hosts were told by showrunner Kate Herron: “For that, of course, we have taped Chris Hemsworth. That’s why we recorded him. His voice goes, ‘Ahhh!’ This is a new recording entirely. It has not been recycled. He recorded it.”

Source : Yahoo

We’ve got you covered right here if you want to know more about Thor’s origins in the comic books and why you might not see the amphibian in the programme.

You can also vote on whether you believe Alligator Loki or Frog Thor would win due to democracy in our poll. One of the most extraordinary things that Loki introduced was the first canonically LGBTQ+ character in the marvel cinematic universe (of significance), and Marvel vowed to include more excellent representation in the future.

Loki streams exclusively at Disney+, and on Wednesday, 14 July, the first season finale will broadcast. Since Loki has been receiving great reviews, fans should definitely catch the show. 



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