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The Tomorrow War recently made its debut on July 2 on one of the most popular streaming platforms Amazon Prime Video. The film had a complex storyline of humans for the far future, travelling back in the present times to recruit past generations into a war with aliens who’d invade decades from now. The movie was a huge success gaining 20,000 viewers in just its first week and also received an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 which is pretty impressive. After the first part receiving such a great viewership the studio is already in talks for the sequel for this science fiction flick. It seems like Amazon clearly doesn’t want to waste any time in following this action-packed thrilling ride which again will prove to be a blast. If everything comes together, we’ll be seeing Chris Pratt again reprising his role as a biology teacher-turned-alien buster Dan Forester Jr.

The director Chris McKay and the screenwriter Zach Dean will also be returning back; as well as a majority of the starring cast from the first installment including Yvonne Strahovski, Betty Gilpin, Sam Richardson, Edwin Hodge, and J.K. Simmons. The recently released debut had an estimated budget of $200 million, with Paramount Studios’ direct involvement. It will be really exciting to see who else is going to join The Tomorrow War 2’s team.

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Chris Pratt recently mentioned during an interview that he was very excited and drawn to this project as it involved more of human touch than IP which he is quite away and kind of bored of from the Marvel or Jurassic World. He explained: “To step in and do something that’s completely original based simply on an amazing script from the imagination of a wonderful screenwriter — I was really grateful to be in a position where I could, you know, join up with the studio and say, ‘Hey, are you willing to write a cheque for this big of a movie? With no guarantee that people are gonna watch it?’”

It is reported that Amazon has bought The Tomorrow War from Skydance productions for $200 million in an attempt to grab the audience’s viewership and also to establish itself as one of the major streaming platforms just like its rivals Hulu and Netflix which undoubtedly dominate the market. Upon the first 3 days of the release The Tomorrow War was watched in over 2.41 million houses which makes the purchase worthwhile. In Addition to this, Amazon Prime Video has set all time high viewership in countries like India, France, Mexico, and Japan, this eventually tells us about the long strides taken by this streaming platform and hence becoming an overwhelming force in the industry. Amazon Prime Video has planned to continue this journey with its next installment for The Tomorrow War which is available to stream on the same. 

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