Christian Devastates Tori: Home and Away spoilers

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Tori Morgan is taken aback next week on UK television when Christian Green from Home and Away refuses to postpone their wedding.  Christian (Ditk Davey) must rethink his priorities after becoming obsessed with guiding a new patient through a complicated medical situation. 

Following his near-death experience with Lewis Hayes, Christian continues to take spontaneous actions in the upcoming Channel 5 episodes.  They notice an advertising sign in the vicinity when Christian should pick up his wedding suit prior to the ceremony in Melbourne. Christian enters and registers because he is determined to have one last adventure before his marriage. 

Christian’s Journey

When Jumper Rachel Young (Marny Kennedy) falls from heaven and collapses land, Christian’s journey to the airfield takes an unexpected turn.  He assists Rachel on stage and then continues to monitor the case when she is transported to the Northern Districts Hospital. 

Source: Digital Spy

Tori  realizes something is wrong when she receives a call informing her that Christian has not picked up his suit. When Christian is concerned about Rachel’s life and death situation, it’s up to Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) to call Tori from the hospital and tell her where their husband will soon be.

Tori  arrives and arranges for a new neurosurgeon to care for Rachel, but Christian insists that he is.  Christian chooses Rachel’s wedding, leaving Tori befuddled as he proposes a postponement. 

When will it be aired? 

Christian insists that he was on the airfield at the same time as Rachel for one reason or another, and he continues to assist her. But will Tori ever understand that? 

These scenes will be airing on Canada 5 on Monday, June 28th, Tuesday, June 29th, and Wednesday, June 30th at 13.15 and 18.00. Amazon Prime Video in the United Kingdom offers a selection of classic episodes.

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