Christina Milian says about Matt Pokora in relation to her exes: “It’s like apples and oranges”


The 39-year-old who is starting a new KIN series, Really, Truly, Maybe, seems to be bubbling with joy which she is eager to share with the world. The mother of two will be allowing the cameras a peek at her home life, which includes her three-year relationship with the French pop star, Matt Pokora.

While talking about the differences between Matt and all her ex-boyfriends, she says, “It’s like apples and oranges”. She adds, “It’s a completely different relationship. It’s built on respect for our families, for each other, and on mutual support. Nothing between us is uneasy, and that’s what I think is so special. He can truly be himself and so can I.”

Milian’s exes include Nick Cannon, Lil Wayne and the father of her daughter Violet and ex-husband, The-Dream. With Pokora, she has an eight-month-old son named Isaiah.

Milian was very enthusiastic about her relationship and the support that Pokora provides. She spoke in glowing terms about his dependability and his willingness to take a flight at unearthly hours in order to provide a desperately needed helping hand.

“It’s really nice to have that: someone who’s confident in himself and also dependable and can be selfless,” she said.

Where marriage is concerned, she is not at all opposed to a second one but neither is she in a hurry for it to happen. While it’s not too much of a big deal to her, having been through a marriage and a divorce already, she is open to the idea of it. 

All viewers who tune in to watch the weekly episodes of Really, Truly, Maybe on Youtube will get to see Milian with her cute family but will learn much about the lifestyle guru’s daily habits and life as well, including delicious recipes and tips about downsizing.

Fans can check out the debut episode on Youtube.


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