Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset’s says that she is “really hurt” by co-star’s pregnancy reaction

Courtesy: Planet Radio

Christine Quinn, the Selling Sunset star, admitted that she had been actually hurt by a reaction given by one of her costar to her recent announcement.

Last month the reality star announced she was waiting for the arrival of a baby with husband Christian Richard, admitting that she was extremely thankful and manifesting her pregnancy.

Fellow star Heather Rae Young recently commented on the baby news. She said she was looking at Christine’s feedback but added to reports that, “I believe motherhood might soften her a little.” It has softened them from other girls I’ve known in the past. So maybe. It will happen, I’m sure. I hope it’s going to be.’

It will be seen on Thursday (March 11). Christine got the comment this morning, admitting that she was shocked and surprised.

This is one of the remarks that hurt my feelings; the star responded. Her hearing that through the press was very shocking.

Courtesy: Digital Spy

“It’s what it’s, you know. And I hate if people hide behind the press. Say to my face these things, but they’re never going to. So I was wounded, shocked and surprised.”

Christine adds that she is so happy about this outstanding achievement in her life. Motherhood is just something so rare, so it’s boring to read this for her.

Netflix confirmed that for seasons 4 and 5, Sales Sunset was renewed, so we can look forward to even more drama.


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