Christopher Nolan’s movie ‘Tenet’ can be seen on home media, read below


The year 2020 has slowed down and delayed numerous releases of movies, some due to interruption in the production and others due to the closing of theaters. Warner Bros thought of releasing the movie in the theaters that are opened across the world. So as the theatrical shows are winding down, we expect Tenet soon to be released on the home media. 

As most of the movies are released on home media, the digital version comes out first and the physical copies arrive a few weeks later. The digital versions, DVD the 4K of ‘Tenet’ will be available on the same day, December 15. 

Tenet is a movie by Christopher Nolan and adventure, suspense, thrill is a very basic thing so we hope for plenty of featurettes looking at the behind the scenes process. The movie tenet came up in July as was the plan going into 2020.

Warner Bros launched Tenet’s international theatrical run in August, and the Domestic followed shortly.  It is the biggest movie that came out in this long pandemic. The movie collected approx. $350 million which is a good collection, but surely It could have done much better if the pandemic didn’t let the theaters suffer. 

Christopher Nolan defended his movie and noted that theaters are struggling to stay afloat in the given circumstances. If you’re a fan of Nolan’s movie then you should definitely give ‘Tenet’ a shot.


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