One of the best games with VR capability, Chronos, has come back with its second part Chronos: Before the Ashes but this time around it does not have VR capability. Is then the new game still fun to play even though there is no VR capability in it? Find out by reading on.


Developed by the Gunfire Games, Chronos got famous as among the first action-RPG games to feature VR enabled game play. The game at the time had sky rocketed to the top of the charts. Chronos: Before the Ashes came with the expectations of being like it’s precede. The new game is set in a crystal portal and follows an adventurer travelling through it to get to a monster at the end and defeat it in combat.

The game involves players taking control of this adventurer as he travels through this portal defeating enemies in the way. The catch is in the thing that if the adventurer dies during his journey, then he will respawn a year older. For the players it will be like a minute but for the in game adventurer a year will pass every time he dies. The graphics in the game are splendid and apart from the main game, there are also riddles to solve and objects to collect. 

The lack of the VR capability for Chronos: Before the Ashes take away the special charm associated the game series. The game on a whole is good to play and offers an entertaining way of spending a Sunday afternoon or night. Will you play the game even though there is no VR? Let us know in the comment box.


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