Cindy Busby and Marshall William Star in Hallmark Channel’s “Follow me to Daisy Hill”


A feel-good movie is like that comfort food that relaxes you and gives you a break from the daily chaos. “Follow me to Daisy Hill” is the one like that. The movie is definitely going to leave you feeling warm, with a smile on your face.

According to a release by the channel, the story of the movie revolves around Jo and Blake. Jo realizes that her family-owned general store in daisy Hills isn’t doing great business. To save the store, her father Duke calls up for help. But the help is none other than Jo’s ex-boyfriend, Blake, a former Daisy Hills native-turned-New York business consultant. Initially, the two former lovers disagree and approach the situation differently:

Jo thinks a personal touch is needed for a small town while Blake is more concerned with how to make a profit.

Eventually, they reach a middle-ground and soon find themselves falling back in love. But just as things start to look good, Black is approached for his dream in New York City and uncertainly arises, making Jo and Blake contemplate their future.

Cindy Busby as Jo:

The movie stars Cindy Busby as Jo. She is known for her role as Ashley Stanton in the Canadian drama “Heartland”. She has also acted in the 2008 rom-com “Picture This” starring Ashley Tisdale and has appeared in shows such as “The Vampire Diaries” and “Supernatural”.

Marshall William as Blake:

Another protagonist of the movie is Marshall William in the character of Blake. He has also appeared in the Disney Original movie “How to Build a Better Boy” and was also there in the popular television series “Glee”.
The movie is going to premiere today i.e. on 19th September 2020 on Hallmark at 9 pm ET.


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