“Citrus” season 2: All you need to know about it!


Yet another Japanese yuri Manga series “Citrus” season 1 was dropped down triple years back and since then fans are desperately waiting for season 2 to get released. This series was easily able to collect the IMDB of 6.5/10 and 6511 votes.

As season 1 having 12 episodes was ended on a cliff-hanger, the makers have finally decided now to break the suspense in love story of Mei and Yuzu. 

Are you excited?

If yes, then scroll further to get more about season 2 of “Citrus”.

When will “Citrus” season 2 get released?

In 2019, a spinoff of “Citrus” season 1 was released named as “Citrus Plus”. That was a huge hit. After releasing it, makers got plenty of ideas to get the story into “Citrus” season 2. So, it is confirmed that season 2 will get released. 

You all can download and watch “Citrus” season 1 for free and can get to know how amazing this Manga anime series was- https://myanimelist.net/anime/34382/Citrus 

According to speculations, the production was started in beginning of 2020 and will wrap up by mid-2021. It is confirmed that “Citrus” season 2 will be available to all the viewers by the ending of 2021. 

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Who will give their voice in “Citrus” season 2?

It is very sure that old characters are going to repeat their roles. Out of them, the list of main characters along with the voice artists are:

What is the story of “Citrus” season 2?

The amazing yet underrated series revolves around Yuzu Aihara, a fun-loving and fashionista who because of certain circumstances got transferred to a new city. Like other teenagers, she started to get more engaged into shopping and boyfriends more than studying. 

Her mother and step-father admitted her into an all-girls school. Her path crossed with Mei Aihara, president of student council, as her new step sister. She even has to share her bedroom with Mei and she was not liking that. 

The story is basically about two step sisters starting their love story at a confusing point with intensely hating each other at the beginning.

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