Clare is slamming criticisms over The Bachelorette’s dodgeball date from hell. On Tuesday, Oct. 20, Clare’s men participated in a game of strip dodgeball and fans of the show witnessed even contestants wearing just a thong. Some who had bared their bodies the more had to return to their rooms, while the winners enjoyed a cocktail party with Clare.

Critics who cannot have a grip of their running thoughts have taken to social media to drop their comments and questions alike. 

One Twitter user wrote, “It’s awful you had the guys take off their clothes if The bachelor asked the women do the same things all heck would break loose. You were wrong. Juan Pablo Galavis should have had you strip.”

Clare of course responded pointing out that Juan Pablo did have his contestants strip down. Clare then shared a photo of Andi Dorfman and Lucy Aragon wearing scant clothing during a photoshops with Juan Pablo, responding, “You mean like this?”

Tweets that were critical of The Bachelorette producers were also duly responded to as Clare hinted that she wasn’t the one to blame for the sexual nature of the group date. A tweet of that nature read, ” Hmmmm it’s almost like making contestants take their clothes off is a really tired production trick and wasn’t your idea at all.”

There was Chatty Broads podcast recap of the episode anchored by Bekah Martinez. On the podcast, the Bachelor Nation member and co-host Jess Ambrose called the moment “inappropriate,” as Bekah also expressed her discontent with the love languages group date.

“She’s the only woman in the room, with this group of men in this weird conference room, blindfolded, not knowing who is going to come up and touch her… Not only that but the men are being forced to then put on blindfolds and be touched by her and/or touch her,” she shared.

Regarding the dodgeball date, Jess and Bekah felt like a line was definitely crossed. “I felt like it was humiliating also to her,” Bekah shared. “Because she was literally forced to watch them as they had their d–ks out for her… I felt bad for everyone involved.” 


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