Living in plastic. It’s amazing. 

The new actress to become a Barbie doll is Claudia Schiffer, dressed in two designer looks inspired by those made popular by the supermodel and complete with her platinum blond waves, pouty lips, and ultra-high cheekbones.

Schiffer, 50, told Page Six Design, “Barbie was the first time I was associated with fashion.”

As a girl, my sister and I loved to play with Barbie; she was classic. We had an attic where, with homes, cars, and even swimming pools, we built a whole Barbie universe. Since then, my daughters have inherited all of our ’70s and’ 80s Barbies, plus their apparel, furniture, and accessories, to which they have added today’s latest Barbies.

Schiffer collaborated closely with the Barbie team to design the clothes for her mini-me, which she told us she selected that when I first wore them, they “made powerful fashion statements.” 

First up, in the Fall 1994 fashion house collection, there is an itty-bitty replica of a glamorous blue Versace gown Schiffer wore, with a corset bodice and semi-sheer pleated skirt.

The entire world instantly saw her as the personification of Barbie when Claudia first walked on the runway with her blond, long hair and angelic smile, Donatella Versace said in a press release. Two dominant women who need not be motivated by others, because they have already been the architects of their destiny.

Then, alongside Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell, there’s a replica of the black dress Schiffer modeled in Balmain’s Spring 2016 campaign, including an embellished long-sleeved macramé top and a long skirt with faux cutouts inside. 

In the release, Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing referred to Schiffer as “the definition of a supermodel.”

With her distinctive blend of trust, style, and elegance, she has influenced millions over the decades,” he said. One of my most happy moments was seeing her in one of my favorite runway styles, and the Balmain campaign she filmed for me will forever be one of my favorite memories.

And while the designer-clad doll of Schiffer may be a fitting reflection of her high-flying modeling career, the blond beauty agreed that it might look very different to a Barbie modeled after her new outfit of choice. 

Isabel Marant’s cozy cashmere scarf, pair of trousers, and some flat boots, “said Schiffer, summarising her stylish quarantine outfit.”


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