CM Punk Teases the Public Announcing of Daniel Bryan’s Entry into the AEW.


As part of this week’s broadcast on Milwaukee, CM Punk made his AEW Dynamite debut, delivering yet another promo announcing his return to professional wrestling alongside Tony Schiavone. As Punk asked a question, the crowd began chanting Yes!, inspiring Punk to smile. But, you might need to be more patient,” he said. He was hinting that Daniel Bryan was on his way to the organisation.

Earlier this year, Bryan competed in the main event at WrestleMania 37, although his contract with WWE expired at the end of April. Earlier this month, Cassidy Haynes of stated that Bryan had already signed with AEW and will debut when AEW makes its New York City debut next month.

According to reports, Bryan chose AEW because it would let him work for additional promotions in Japan and Mexico. However, in interviews before his departure, he expressed a desire for a WWE contract to allow him such freedom.

Bryan told Barstool Sports’ Robbie Fox, “I brought it up to several people. A hair-on-hair match in Mexico, on the other hand, is unlikely. I also believe that currently, more than ever, people are receptive to fresh concepts. I think I’m making progress. Unknown as to whether or not any of this will come to pass, Some WWE Superstars aren’t well-known since we don’t necessarily put on a wrestling show, but rather a sports entertainment one.”

In New Japan, if Cesaro appeared out of nowhere, people would exclaim, ‘This guy is the greatest.’ In New Japan, people would say, “Holy cow, this guy is incredible. Something along the lines of Darth Vader from the ’90s. A fresh presentation is all it is,” he stated. “I think it would be a fantastic and unique way to give back to the wrestling community.”

“Also, I believe it would be beneficial for WWE and wrestling in general if they went to other locations to study. Today’s comedian would not exist if I didn’t wrestle in Japan or the United Kingdom, where everything was comedy. As a result, you’ll have a greater range of options when it comes time to put yourself in a top position.”



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