Cobra Kai Season 3 Every Reveal From The Teaser Trailer


Cobra Kai is an action-comedy series that is based on the Karate Kid film series. The story started 34 years after the Karate Kid film in which it depicted Johnny Lawrence’s view. It shows that he decided to open Cobra Kai which leads to a fight between his old rivalry Daniel LaRusso.

The first 2 seasons were released in 2018 and 2019 on YouTube Red and they were fairly successful. Later on, in June 2020 Netflix decided to lead the series and scheduled for the third season too. They have confirmed that the Third part will be released on 8th January 2021. 

To the surprise, In October 2020, Netflix has also announced for the fourth season. 

In a very short time, the series has got a lot of popularity like it has got a 94% Rotten Tomatoes rating and 8.7 ratings out of 10 in IMDb. 

So if you are yet to watch this TV series, please do watch it on Netflix as soon as you can. 

About the recent teaser shared by Netflix on Cobra Kai Season 3:

Die-hard fans are excited to see the new teaser of Cobra Kai. You can see that the rivalry between Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso is never going to end. It was seen that Johnny was beaten up and going to be in more fights with Daniel in the upcoming episodes. Robby was seen in Juvenile’s center because of his deeds in the previous season. 

In the second season, Miguel was seen falling due to attacks from Robby. It was Miguel’s fate if he will survive or not, but the teaser has given a relief to its fan and he is seen in hospital in the Season 3 trailer. Daniel seemed upset over something and it is hard to guess exactly what happened to him from the trailer. But you can keep on guessing until you see the series. 

We can surely assume that the Cobra Kai is going to start afresh with some new content and an exciting storyline. 

For more information on the new series please stay tuned with us!


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