Cobra Kai Season 3 Expected Release Date, What Will Be Cast? And How Did Previous Season End [Explained]


Cobra Kai is one of the most popular American web comedy-drama series. The show currently has 2 seasons. Those who have watched both the seasons are waiting for season 3, and it is yet to launch on Netflix. Keep reading to find more information about season 3.

Cobra Kai Season 3 Launch Date

The previous two seasons collected a good amount of ratings. After receiving praise from viewers YouTube was bound to renew the series for a next season. On May 2019, YouTube revealed that Cobra Kai would return with a season 3. And guess what? The show has been renewed, but we don’t have any official air dates yet. According to the sources, Cobra Kai season 3 was planned to release in 2020. But it seems like the show is not moving to a new streaming platform. So we are unclear if it will release this year or in 2021.

Cobra Kai season 3 was filmed in 2019 and all the post-production work is done. So there is no reason to blame coronavirus for the delay of the series. The show is officially moving it’s home to Netflix. Fans are expecting the next season along with the previous seasons to release on Netflix by the end of summer.

But we believe that might not be the case. We don’t know what is taking so long for the show to launch on Netflix. The streaming giant will release season 1 and 2 and then drop season 3 after some time. The Netflix subscribers might watch the show and may create more anticipation for the new series.

Cobra Kai Season 3 Expected Release Date, What Will Be Cast? And How Did Previous Season End [Explained]
Cobra Kai Season 3 Cast: Who will be there in it?

All the cast members of the previous season will be returning in season 3. We will have Xolo Mariduena as Miguel Diaz, William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence, Tanner Buchanan as Robby Keene, Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso, Courtney Henggeler as Amanda LaRusso, and Mary Mouser as Samantha LaRusso.

We can also expect Nichole Brown as Aisha, Jacob Bertrand as Hawk, Owen Morgan as Bert, Martin Kove as John Kreese, Asher Sheets as New Cobra Kai Student, Gianni Decenzo as Demetri, Hannah Kepple as Moon, and Cameron Markeles as Frank to reprise their roles. We might even see new stars in the third season.

Cobra Kai Season 3 Plot: What can we see next in the new season?

The show is set thirty-four years after Jaden Smith’s Karate Kid film. In the last episode of season 2, Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso got into a fight after Johnny brought drunk Robby Keene and Samantha LaRusso to his place.

Later on, Johnny’s students turn against him and join John Kreese, who takes over the ownership of the dojo. In the end, Johnny goes to a beach and throws his phone into the sand without noticing a Friend request from a pediatric surgeon, Ali Mills Schwarber. She is the ex-girlfriend of both LaRusso and Lawrence.

Season 3 will be the continuation of the second season. So we can expect a lot of comedy in the forthcoming season. Nobody knows the storyline of the new season, so we will have to wait for the trailer to see what happens next.

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