Cobra Kai Season 3 – Will both Sensei are in good books or not!


Cobra Kai is an American Martial Art comedy drama web television series produced by Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg and Josh Heald. This action drama series are based on The Karate kid Film series. Its first two seasons were launched on YouTube Premium and in 2020 Netflix acquired those 2 seasons and the upcoming season will now release on Netflix. The main theme of this whole show is the failure of the 1984 All -Valley Karate Tournament.

Ending of the Cobra Kai Season 2

In the end of season 2 both of the teachers were realized that they are not good teachers, and needs more practice. Love also played a major part in this season as Johnny develops strange feelings for Carmen, mother of Miguel. So, now in the upcoming show we may see the love story as well as the training of the teachers.


In this show, there are two teachers, first one Johnny Lawrence who works in construction, lives in Los Angeles and second one Daniel LaRusso who is the owner of a highly successful car leadership. One day Johnny saved his teenage neighbor from a gang of bullies using karate. Once upon a time both were great karate teachers and trained to students.

Now, at this time may be both put their differences aside and learn to work together for a common good. In this season, Daniel will definitely head to Okinawa which is Mr. Miyagi’s hometown and we will also get more detailed information about the origins of martial art philosophies of both Miyagi and Cobra Kai.

Cobra Kai Season 3 – Will both Sensei are in good books or not!

What about Airing?

Cobra Kai Season 3 have been renewed for its third installment and will be released before the end of 2020 on Netflix. Shooting of this season was ended in 2019, so, there is no role of the ongoing pandemic in the delay of series. Its first two seasons had a bunch of 10 episodes and was released on May 2, 2018, and April 24, 2019. As both of the previous seasons was liked by many and earned great ratings as 4/5 by 1st season and 9/10 by the second one, so, now its time for the airing of third season which will also hit the ground for sure.

What about Characters!

Too much update in not there about the casting of the third season but may be some new characters will be seen in the show, as a student or any new enemy. So, till now we are expecting that all our favourite and major characters will reprise their role with stunning performances.                                                                                            

Some of them are named are;                                                                       

William Zabka will preform the role of Johnny Lawrence one of the karate’s teacher.            Ralph Macchio will perform the role of Daniel LaRusso another karate teacher.                    Marry Mouser will perform the role of Samantha LaRusso one of the Daniel’s son.                Xolo Mariduena will perform the role of Miguel Diaz, Johnny’s teenage neighbor.                And many characters are there with their astonishing and powerful acting.


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