Call of Duty: Warzone fans are in for some exciting news as we have come to know that the much awaited new map of the game has got leaked. Dive in into the news to know all about it.


The new map is basically the return of the Alcatraz map from the older Call of Duty: Blackout. If you are a devoted fans of COD then you must have played in this map in the game franchises’ first-ever battle royale. In the new game, the Alcatraz map will be part of the bigger Warzone map as anticipated in earlier rumors. The new combination of Alcatraz and Warzone map is named Rebirth Island as in the new game the old Alcatraz map has had a rebirth.

The map and map’s name were leaked via the data mining undertaken by Black Ops Cold War Leaks. To brand the whole thing as a hoax may not be the best idea as data mining leaks are very authentic. The game developers have not commented on the leak but it is likely that they will get the leak removed through a DMCA claim just like other previous leaks of the COD games. 

Finally nothing is guaranteed whether or not there has been a leak at all. We will have to wait for an official announcement to ascertain things. Do you think the leak is true or the there is an altogether new map coming? Comment your answers in the comment box.


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